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Need Help?

Browse the following sections to troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing:

Forgot Password

Students and Alumni, to reset your MyFielding and Moodle (learning.fielding.edu) password go to https://password.fielding.edu and click on "Students & Alumni." IF asked for your Fielding ID make sure to enter it as seven digits with one or more leading zeroes.

Faculty and Staff, to reset your password contact academictechology@fielding.edu.

MyFielding Portal Login

If you are having difficulties logging in to the MyFielding portal (https://my.fielding.edu) you might need to use an alternate username:

  • IF your username doesn't work, try fielding\username (make sure to use a back slash rather than forward slash).

WebAdvisor Login

If you have difficulties logging in to WebAdvisor, note that it is accessed from within the MyFielding portal.

Library Search Issues

If you have difficulties searching library databases, email library@fielding.edu.

Set up Zoom Account

To set up a Zoom account, go to https://zoom.us/signup. You will need to supply your Fielding email address as part of the setup process.

For Zoom support, go to https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us.

Turnitin Assistance

For Turnitin assistance, go to https://www.turnitin.com/self-service/support-form.html?okay=ok.

For Turnitin Site Status, go to https://turnitin.statuspage.io/.

Grammarly Assistance

For assistance with activating your Grammarly account, email support@fielding.edu.

For help with using Grammarly, see https://support.grammarly.com/hc/en-us.

To reset your Grammarly account password, go to https://www.grammarly.com/signin and click "Can't log in?"

Other Assistance

For assistance with learning.fielding.edu (Moodle) visit the Online Support Center.